“Sydney Allard was that rare and outstanding personality”

Only a few men have designed, built and then put into production, cars bearing their own name.  Even fewer, if any, have gone on to build their own racing cars and compete in them, with such great achievements in such a wide range of motor sport competitions.  From mud-plugging trials, to hill climb champion, Monte Carlo winner and Le Mans 24 hours third overall, to building and driving the first dragster outside the USA.  Sydney Allard was that rare and outstanding personality…

Allard at Le Mans 1953

“…They saw them before we could, then the cry went up, “Allard Allard” as the pack approached in rising crescendo of sound, out in front, trailing a great cloud of swirling dust was Sydney in number 4, leading Alberto Ascari in a 4.0 Litre Ferrari and Stirling Moss in his ‘C’ Type Jaguar…”
Extract from the book – Allard the inside story, author Tom Lush.


Allard JR – Back on Road and Track

We have chosen to build the first Allard JR as an exact copy of the car with which Sydney led the 1953 Le Mans 24 hours race. The intention is to obtain FIA HTP documentation, which would make the car eligible to compete in the International Classics such as the Le Mans race. Only seven JR sports cars were manufactured between 1953 and 1955. All seven are believed to be in existence. The last JR manufactured in 1955 carried chassis number 3408.

The first JR’s we are building are authentic Allards, as the cars are being built by members of the Allard family, with support from engineers who worked in the original Allard company. This first JR will have continuation chassis number 3409. This could therefore be seen as the restarting of Allard car manufacture after a gap nearly sixty years since the last JR was produced.

For more information on the revival process, please download the Allard Revival brochure here or by clicking on the thumbnail (right).


In the press – our freshly restored Allard Palm Beach Mk2

Octane Magazine recently drove our Palm Beach Mk2. Alan and Lloyd Allard have recently restored this historic car back to its former glory. This car (which has now been sold) was the actual car featured on the Allard stand at the Earl’s Court Motor Show in 1956.

Download the Octane article here. Find out more about this major restoration project here. This iconic car has received a lot of interest from collectors and investors alike.

Allard restores an Allard at Allard

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