Allard Allardette

During the Fifties Allard prospered, especially in America, where the cars were a key part of the revival of sports car racing. Yet by the end of the decade, with the ascendancy of Jaguar, Triumph and MG, Allard and his cars were bypassed. Sydney’s last flings were to tune up the Ford Anglia and to race dragsters of his own design.

With the Allard company becaming main agents for the Shorrock Supercharger, Allard developed a modified version of the Ford Anglia 105 and 109E Anglia, called the ‘Allardette’, which was produced in sufficient numbers to be homologated to compete in the the modified saloon class in International rallies.

As a rally car the Ford Anglia wasn’t the fastest machine by any means, but it was reliable. In 1963 the season began with Sydney Allard winning his class on the Monte Carlo Rally with son Alan second, both driving the infamous Allardettes. On the Safari Rally across Africa an Anglia finished second out of just seven finishers. To improve performance, the Allardette was a Shorrock Supercharged Anglia with disc front brakes and suspension modifications which saw figures upto 68 bhp or so (seven more than the Cooper-Mini of its time), along with studded tyres and a determined driver this little car could really achieve some astonishing results.

Allard Allardette – The restoration of 102 FTA

Allard Sports Cars are currently in the process of restoring a 1960 ‘Allardette’ at their workshop in Gloucester – hoping to recreate an ‘Allardette’ in which Allan Allard raced back in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rallye. Click here to follow the story.

Allard ‘Allardette’ racing in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rallye.

Sydney recieves an award for highest placed starter in 1963 Monte Carlo Rallye.

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