After years of discussion and co-operation with several individuals and Allard business ventures over a period of thirty five years, some of which have resulted in the manufacture of a few modern ‘lookalike’ Allard J2X cars, the Allard family have decided to start the manufacture of authentic continuation Allard cars again, after a gap of over fifty years since manufacture ceased in Clapham, London, in 1958.

The first Allard cars are being hand-built by Lloyd and Alan Allard, with the assistance of the Allard team, including the original designer of the Allard JR, Dudley Hume and David Hooper the Chief Engineer at the old Allard factory; together with the support of knowledgeable Allard Owner Club members. So at this time, we have a rare opportunity to take the Allard revival projects on to build a successful Allard Sports Car Company.

Our Allard cars, unlike the ‘lookalike’ Allards built by other business ventures since 1985, are true authentic Allard cars built by the Allard family. They are being built almost exactly to the original specification of Allards built in the 1950-1960 period, or to similar but updated specifications, which were discussed and planned by the Company, but never actually produced by the time manufacture ceased in 1958.

Interest in, and consequent rise in the value of classic cars has been rapidly expanding in recent years and now has been given added impetus by the trends in world financial markets. We therefore have a unique opportunity to revive the Allard car marque; so in 2012 a new Allard Sports Car Company was formed.


It was not until the 1980’s that more interest in Allard cars began to push up values. This trend was assisted by active Allard Owners Clubs and club members in the UK and USA as well as the attention of one or two car specialists, who have produced some ‘lookalike’ J2X cars. Road test reports and magazine articles continued this interest through the 80’s and 90’s.

In the last fifteen to twenty years, the collectability of original Allards, as cars worthy of restoration, has gathered pace. As a consequence, very few have been lost or scrapped in this period and those with a racing history are especially prized.

For more information on the revival process, please download the Allard Revival brochure here or by clicking on the thumbnail (right).



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