Allard J2X

A genuine Allard J2 & J2X available once again direct from Allard Sports Cars UK.

After a gap of over seventy years, the Allard family are offering once again, genuine original specification Allard models. Various models are available, the JR, J2 & J2X all are hand-built by the Allard team for the true car connoisseur and motor enthusiast. All the models are currently offered with hand crafted aluminium bodies, along with De Dion axle, Cadillac/Chrysler engine options coupled to original specification Lasalle transmissions (LHD & RHD available with road legal status). Each car comes with a genuine Allard continuation chassis number and signed authorization documentation from the Allard family. The J2X model being manufactured in the USA & UK.

These cars offer potential long term investment opportunity. Also available upon request is the Allard Palm Beach MKIII (revised MKII). These genuine models can be offered with bespoke customer specific requirements upon request, colour choices, engine specifics. For further information call Alan or Lloyd on 01452 725666 or email us at

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