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Allard JR Chassis #3408 – FOR SALE

This car is the first authentic Allard produced since 1958. Manufactured at Allard Sports Cars works by Alan and Lloyd Allard, son and grandson of Sydney Allard and their team.

It is built as close as current FIA regulations allow, to the original 1953 Le Mans specification, with handcrafted all aluminium body, Cadillac V8 de-dion rear axle arrangement, Alfin drum brakes and finished in dark tone British Racing Green, matched to black interior trim.

Seven JR’s chassis numbers 3401 – 3407 were built by the Allard Motor Company between 1953 and 1955. They are now valued from £450,000 to £650,000 depending on their condition and race history. Our new JR is number 8 in line, with chassis number 3408. The first genuine authentic Allard built since 1958. It marks the first step in the revival of Allard as a car builder after a gap of over 60 years.

This car is as near as you can get to the 1953 JR chassis number 3402 raced by Sydney Allard.

Our new JR is now for sale at £240,000

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The New Allard JR – Back on Road & Track

With the revival of the Allard marque – a motorsport classic is reborn!

Following the archive drawings and specifications for the JR, created by Dudley Hume, these cars are hand-built to top quality modern standards with a handcrafted aluminium body. All models are available in left or right hand drive, to road or race specifications and can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Allard JR Details

Painted in British Racing green with black seats and trim, it is being sold with FIA HTP race documents. It is fitted with the correct Cadillac 331 ci V8 engine, three speed LaSalle gearbox, quick gear change style differential incorporating inboard Alfin drum brakes, with a De-Dion rear axle arrangement. For FIA approval it has all the necessary safety features including roll bar, full harness seat belts, foam filled fuel tank and battery isolation switch.

Technical back-up and race support is available and is ready to race. We can supply with an Allard covered trailer if required. Please enquire for further details.

Allard JR racing at Le Mans 1953.

Allard JR racing present day.

Specifications and Dimensions

Body:Individually hand formed - all aluminium construction by skilled craftsmen, with the option of one or two doors. Open two seater with tonneau cover and full width windscreen, or optional aero race screen. Conforming to international sports car racing regulations. The front body section lifts at the rear, pivoting forward to show the Cadillac V8 engine. Paint colour and detailed interior finish can be tailored to individual customer requirements.
Dimensions:Wheelbase 8ft. Track 4ft. 3 inch. Front and rear. Overall length 12ft 6 inch. Width 4ft. 11 inch. Height to scuttle 2ft. 10 1/2 inch. Weight without fuel 2200 lbs.
Steering:High ratio Marles cam and gear steering box. Brooklands style sprung steering wheel.
Engine:Cadillac 331 ci (5425.1cc) overhead valve V8. Re-engineered to race specifications, producing 300 bhp at 4500 rpm. Compression ratio 10:1. Carburation by two, four choke Carter carburettors. Free flow fabricated exhaust manifolds and twin exhaust system.
Fuel System:One 25 gallon with optional additional longer range tank.
Transmission:3 Speed with a four speed option. 3.27 Ratio. Differential final drive with selection of quick change transfer gears. Providing the option to vary the ratio to suit specific events.
Chassis Frame:Steel twin tubular side members joined by flitch plates, with tubular and box section crossmembers and framework ‘hoops’ to support bulkhead, panels and bodywork.
Suspension:Divided front axle independently sprung with coil springs and parallel axis, forward facing radius arms. De-Dion type rear axle arrangement with inboard drum brakes. Suspension system incorporating coil springs, twin parallel radius arms and twin triangulated ‘A’ brackets and telescopic shock absorbers all round.
Brakes:Lockheed hydraulic drum brakes, two leading shoe at front. 12 x 2 1/4 inch Alfin drums front and rear. Handbrake on rear wheels.
Wheels & Tyres:Tyres 600 x 16 or 650 x 16 with 16 x 5 inch centre locking wire wheels.

New Allard JR Specification Brochure

Allard JR Revival Information Brochure

Build Gallery

Allard JR Ownership

Chassis Number:Build Date:Original Owner:Chassis Number:Build Date:Original Owner:
340130/03/1953A.E Goldschmidt340504/05/1954Tommy Sopwith
340227/07/1953Colonel D. Schilling340603/03/1956Norman Moffat
340304/07/1953Colonel Reade Tilley340717/09/1955Rupert de Larrinaga
340410/10/1953General Curtis Lemay340814/09/2019Allard Sports Cars Ltd.

The severn original Allard produced cars have an estimated value of up to £850,000 each, and have risen in value by an average of 5% a year over the last 20 years.