Allard History: 1929 - 2007


Sydney in Morgan on the start line at the Brooklands track. His first race, which he went on to win.


CLK5 – The first Allard Special. Just after Sydney had rolled the car and came to rest, failing in his attempt to climb Ben Nevis.


Sydney’s haul of trophies, with his first Allard Special CLK5.


ELL 300 – Sydney’s second Allard Special outside Adlards premises, where the first twelve Allard Specials were built, with the ‘Tailwagger’ team. Sydney Allard, Guy Warburton and Ken Hutchinson.


Sydney in the CLK5 after winning a race on Southport Sands.


Sydney with HLF 601 at the Prescott Hillclimb. One of the first post war motors port meetings. Prototype of the J1 Allard.


K1 – The first ‘production’ Allard. 332 K1, K2 and K3 models were produced between 1946 and 1953.


Air cooled Steyr V8 Allard – Boness Hillclimb, Scotland. Just failing to win in 1948, Sydney went on to win the Hillclimb Championships in 1949.


Allard J2 – Drivers Sydney Allard and Tom Cole, third place success in Le Mans 24 Hour Race. Completed the last 10 hours with the gearbox jammed in top gear.


Sydney arrives back at Clapham with his Monte Carlo winning P1 Allard saoon, narrowly beating rising star Stirling Moss into second place.


Sydney in Allard JR leading the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. Ascari on Ferrari and Moss Jaguar C-Type in hot pursuit.

1952 - 1954

Allard Palm Beach Mk1 – Ford 4 cylinder Consul or 6 cylinder Zephyer engine. A Total of 72 cars were manufactured.

1956 - 1958

Allard Palm Beach Mk2 – A total of eight cars were manufactured, two of these being closed GT models (one was Sydney’s own car).


Allard Steyr sprint car – Driven by Sydney Allard at the Brighton Speed Trails and at many hillclimbs and sprints.


Allard Steyr experimental twin engined sprint car – The drive train was never perfected to allow it to run in competition.


Allard Dragster – The first dragster in Europe built to introduce the sport of drag racing to the UK. Rcorded 10.48 seconds and 170 mph for the 1/4 mile. The fastest ET ever in the UK at the time.


Alan Allard and Rob Mackie in the Shorrock supercharged Anglia “Allardette’ Monte Carlo Rally, finishing 74th ahead of Sydney in another Anglia ‘Allardette’. Note: Special studded tyres.


Dragfest Blackbushe Strip – Drag racing in the rain! Alan Allard in the new Allard Chrysler dragster vs Norman Barclay in Dos Palmos.


Dragon Dragster – Alan Allard established the UK’s standing start 1/4 mile record with an ET of 11.54 seconds, eventually reduced to 11.11 seconds and a top speed of 131 mph.


Allard Dragster – The first dragster in Europe built to introduce the sport of drag racing to the UK. Rcorded 10.48 seconds and 170 mph for the 1/4 mile. The fastest ET ever in the UK at the time.


Shorrock supercharged Escort Rally car – Flying high! Recorded the highest speed of 118 mph on a stage in the Scottish Rally.


Wade supercharged Capri. Road test by ‘Cars & Car Conversions’ magazine and recorded 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 16.3 and 1/4 mile in 14.9 seconds.

1982 - 1984

‘Turbocharging & Supercharging’ Book by Alan Allard. One of the most comprehensive guides for performance tuning enthusiasts. Second edition in paperback published in 1984.


Allard Diesel Turbo Systems – Alan established a name for turbo diesel special tuning small diesels from mid seventies before most car manufacturers had turbo diesels. This photo is of a Land Rover diesel.


Allard Aluminium Products – Intercoolers, radiators, fuel tanks, breathers, EGR replacement kits. All fabricated and welded by Lloyd Allard.


Lloyd Allard in his turbocharged diesel VW Golf, 265 bhp – the fastest diesel Golf in the UK from 2002 to 2007, with race wins and lap records.

The Revival Begins: 2014 to Present


1956 Allard Palm Beach MK2 on the Allard Motor Company stand at the Motorshow in 1956.


1956 Allard Palm Beach MK2 now fully restored by Lloyd and Alan Allard.


1960 Allard ‘Allardette’ Anglia now fully restored by Lloyd and Alan Allard.


Restoration of Force India F1 team boss Vijay Mallya’s Allard JR.


Completion of the first continuation model of Allard JR.

Original Allard Cars Sales Brochure

Sometimes its just fun to look at an old car brochure and see what was the latest option and feature that was offered by the manufacturers when the car was brand new. You can take a step back in time and reminisce about days gone by when you bought your new car.

Car sales brochures are a nice piece of memorabilia that were very popular back in the day. Being able to open a sales brochure on a car that will provide the factory specifications for every aspect of the vehicle is priceless. You can easily find dimensions, engine variations, colors offered, trim levels, capacities, headroom, legroom, boot space and much more.

Please download the original Allard Cars sales brochure here or by clicking on the thumbnail (right).