Allard history – 1932 to present day

Between 1934 and 1939 Sydney Allard designed and built twelve ‘Allard Specials’, as he called them. His success in the trialing world with his ‘Allard Specials’ led to requests, often from other competitors, to build similar cars for them. After the war, in 1946, he formed the Allard Motor Company to produce Allard cars. Autocar featured an article which opened with the words…

“The first Allard was produced as a trials special and was so outstandingly successful that Allards have now been put into limited production.”

In its heyday, over a period of some twelve years, the Allard Motor Company manufactured and sold worldwide a little over 1,900 cars; ranging from the J1 competition specials in 1946, to the Palm Beach Mk2 in 1958. However, after manufacture of cars ceased in 1958, Sydney, followed by his son Alan, still continued Allard motorsporting interests, including, racing and rallying Allard modified Fords, often as Allardettes.

Sydney Allard also introduced the sport of drag racing to the UK, building and racing the first ‘dragster’ in 1961. Alan Allard took over driving duties in 1963 when Sydney was involved in organising Drag Racing Festivals.

Allard business activities, although largely absorbed into the associated Ford business (Adlards Motors), continued selling a wider range of motor accessories and components right up until 2008, when Lloyd Allard took over the business from Alan.