New Allard J3 at Design Stage

The new J3 is an updated, redevelopment of the iconic 1952 Allard J2X, with new tubular chassis, modern style wishbone front suspension and rack and pinion steering. High performance disc brakes all round replace the old Alfin drums, but at the rear the original de-Dion and rear axle arrangement with inboard brakes is retained.


Chassis – new twin tube chassis allowing improved seating position and reduced torsional twist.

Rear Axle/Suspension – De-Dion system with coil spring over dampers twin parallel trailing arm with panhard rod and inboard disc brakes. Axle Cadillac ZL1. Ratio 3.53:1

Front Suspension – Twin wishbone arrangement (with camber and castor adjustment) with torsion bar and hydraulic dampers.

Engine – GMC SL 6.2 litre V8 450 bhp (580 bhp Eaton supercharged option available).

Transmission – GM Tremec 6 speed manual.


BodyTwo seat two door open sports touring, with tonneau cover, twin fairings behind head of driver and passenger, incorporating roll bar hoops, full width windscreen (option of aero screens) – Targa type removable roof panel also available.

Brakes – Servo assistance Alcon disc, four pot, aluminium caliper front and rear.

Wheels – Wires with flat hexagon centre locking spinner.

Interior – Machine turned aluminium dash panel.  Wood rimmed 16” steering wheel.  Built in twin headrests with wrap round leather seats, adjustable fore and aft.